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Queen (student at ALA, Rwanda)

Purpose driven exploration sealed with motivation


Max (Undergraduate Student, Accounting, W Friendship, MD)

Having the ability to continuously see opportunities to improve, and can act on those opportunities in a unique and new way.


Justin (Student, United States)

Entrepreneurship is having a vision and dedicating yourself to realizing that vision. Entrepreneurship requires a fierce passion that overcomes any barrier that interferes with the realization of that vision."


Viplav (Graduate Student, Babson Park, MA)

If nothingness is the ultimate truth of life, then why not spend the rest of your lifetime doing things which you love doing...


Chirag (Interested in Babson, United States)

Entrepreneurship is building an empire starting with yourself.


Satyajeet (IT professional, Centreville, VA)

Its a mindset of thinking through current social-economic issues and coming up with a viable solution and driving it to completion.


Gray (Interested in Babson, Student, Jupiter, FL)

Using business to create change in the world


Christina (Interested in Babson, Waitress, Gr Blanc, MI)

Someone who makes revenue using a product or service


Ruchit (Undergraduate Student, Future Babson Student, Fremont, CA)

A lifestyle.


Byju (Interested in Babson, Senior Software Engineer, India)

Entrepreneurship for me is having positive attitude but negative thoughts. One moves with a vision sometimes alone and sometimes with people to achieve that ultimate goal of his or their life. Moving with a positive attitude but questioning yourself negatively which would help you bring out the best in you. Being an Entrepreneur is being a dual personality, you be a performer and a Critic too....


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