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Katya (Undergraduate Student, United States)

Entrepreneurship is having a vision of an idea and make all that's in our hands to carry it out and achieve our principal goal.


Jack (Undergraduate Student, Student, Mexico)

The Action of taking risks to start an idea and grow a business.


Regina (Graduate Student, Mexico)

Llevar a cabo una idea sin importar las dificultades. El objetivo sería llevar la idea hasta un nuevo nivel.


Roxel (Undergraduate Student, Student, Mexico)

The courage and determination to create ideas in order to achieve your goals, overcoming every obstacle in the way.


Juliana (Undergraduate Student, Student, Colombia)

.. Entrepreneurship is not only having an idea, is making possible the idea with vision and perseverance to make it tangible ..


Gonzalo (Interested in Babson, Mexico)

Making sh*t happen.


Fernando (Undergraduate Student, Mexico)

Taking initiative in order to create something innovative and something you believe in .


chris (activist, mechanic, Gainesville, FL)

Finding the passion (blood) that feeds your life (heart) and share it with the rest of the world in return to show appreciation capitalism pays you to motivate the hustle of creative individuals. So go get it and trust no one but yourself and your higher power. by, Chris Hall


Nicholas (manager, Middletown, DE)

its all about business.


Alejandro (United States)

An inspired person with the ambition to follow their instincts to create opportunities for others.


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