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Lukas (Graduate Student, manager, Colombia)

The continuous process of creating aggregate value to society throughout managerial skills, openness to change and envisioning opportunities out of its current environment


Priyanka (Graduate Student, United States)

Creating value through starting a new venture or improving an existing one.


Jeremy (Interested in Babson, Entrepreneur, Maplewood, MN)

Creating "nothing" into something


John (Engineer, Aliso Viejo, CA)

Changing the world for the better. If you succeed in doing it before exhausting all your resources, you created tremendous value and money is going to automatically flow your way. It's important to keep in the mind that profit is the ultimate goal for any business endeavor, otherwise it's not business; it's charity. Some search super long term value, with tremendous profit upside, while some seek shorter term profit with smaller upside potential.


Solomon (Graduate Student, IT, Business Entrepreneur, Ghana)

Entrepreneurship is seeing the problem everybody complains about and designing a solution for it, and getting everybody to pay you for doing so. Entrepreneurship can be simplified in to three words: Nurturing An Enterprise. #SoloGatesTheEntrepreneur


Michael (Undergraduate Student, United States)

The will to sacrifice time, pride, and your money to make something great


Enoch (Graduate Student, Worker at National Road Safety Commission-Ho, Ghana)

Entrepreneurship is the ability to locate a need in an environment or in a geographical area and create the solution to satisfying this need with strategic planning, creativity and innovativeness through which the business is sustained finally by itself and yields profit.An entrepreneur sees beyond the present, he sees the future. He lives the future in the present.


Andrew (Undergraduate Student, White Plains, MD)

Entrepreneurship is the creativity of an inventor, and the prowess of a businessman.


Olivia (Babson Staff, Dover, MA)

Someone who is always learning, never wants to stop, and is always trying to make a positive impact in all he or she does.


Iyliyah (Interested in Babson, Student, Baldwin, NY)

The ability to succeed financially,socially, and mentally with great victory in fulfilling your desires while the rest of the world enjoys the ride!


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