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Berlynn (Undergraduate Student, Consultant, Boston, MA)

a person who maintains their financial stability through direct payment for services or services rendered by a company they create. Often confused with the term hustler (formal use: consultant) many entrepreneurs start out as hustlers but eventually transcend this term by expanding their operations into entities which may exist without their direct involvement until a point in time when they decide to sell their operation to either start a new operation, start calling themselves a venture capitalist or retire to a life of luxury, speaking engagements and book deals. Uses in a sentence: Example 1: That brogrammer who develops trendy apps calls himself an entrepreneur. Example 2: That lady selling empanadas on the street corner just opened her own shop. What an entrepreneur!


Rafael (Interested in Babson, Student, Brazil)

Is the innovation that only you saw!


Siddharth (Graduate Student, Student, Babson Park, MA)

E very N ew T hought R isked E ffortlessly P ast R esistance E nergizing N umerous E ventually U seful R eturns


Ashutosh (Friend of Babson, Independent consultant, India)

building an enterprise to satisfy unmet needs


Murray (Undergraduate Student, Manhattan, NY)

Entrepreneurship is taking on your own ideas and making it something. To do something that nobody has done before and make it your own.


Patricia (Interested in Babson, China, Republic of (Taiwan))



Jack (Undergraduate Student, Student, Columbia, MD)

locating and initiating a course of action that benefits our way of life.


Queen (student at ALA, Rwanda)

Purpose driven exploration sealed with motivation


Max (Undergraduate Student, Accounting, W Friendship, MD)

Having the ability to continuously see opportunities to improve, and can act on those opportunities in a unique and new way.


Justin (Student, United States)

Entrepreneurship is having a vision and dedicating yourself to realizing that vision. Entrepreneurship requires a fierce passion that overcomes any barrier that interferes with the realization of that vision."


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