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Aleksei (Entrepreneur, Russia)

The craft of doing.


Caio (Interested in Babson, Entrepreneur, Brazil)

Entrepreneurship is to overcome the fear of failure, facing it as part of a process of crafting new footprints.


Sean (Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA)

Constant observation of your environment, jumping on opportunities when they pop up, and just plain doing it. - or


Mike (Babson Alumnus, United States)

Taking calculated risks to achieve your goals.


Colleen (United States)

Bringing an innovative idea to sustainable action.


Cheryl (Interested in Babson, Singapore)

taking together tangible and intangible raw materials, putting them through a process, and creating a final product of value for the consumers.


Abdulaziz (Interested in Babson, CTO, Syria)

The art of creating sustainable business


Tutumi (Graduate Student, IT Project Manager, Brazil)

Imagine, design, do it!!!


Katerina (Babson Alumnus, Founder of International Grocery Store, Boston, MA)

An entrepreneur is a person who lives in the details; someone who looks at the olives before they taste the oil.


c (doctor, New Zealand)

entering and taking, or taking from under, or taking from between c f enterprise, enter and prise Right wing business types do not like to be called thieves,or undertakers, rather they like to be thought of as someone who bravely starts anew a risky business, with the hope of a large material gain, but accepts it may end badly for them(and others)(especially if they make mistakes or get caught) Otherwise an entrepreneur can be whatever you want it seems


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