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Kawin (Babson Alumnus, Lecturer, Thailand)

Entrepreneurship is the fuel behind the actions needed to drive visions of change that impact our world for the better.


Paulina (Undergraduate Student, Doctor, teacher, mom..., Babson Park, MA)

Entrepreneurship is all about making things happen, that normally would not happen.


Brianna (Undergraduate Student, Meet Eugene, Founder and CEO, Nesconset, NY)

Entrepreneurship is a way of being; it is the way you are wired. It starts with the way you wake up in the morning and ends with the way you go to sleep at night. It's learning from failure - failing fast and cheap and is the motivation that pushes you forward to continue with the next best thing. It's knowing when to accept defeat and when to push your limits. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.


Ani (Graduate Student, Armenia)

Entrepreneurship is the proof that the world is changed by individuals like me and you, and not giant corporations; it's the revival of the power of one.


Hans (Graduate Student, N Natick, MA)

Taking ownership of opportunity.


Mike (Undergraduate Student, East Granby, CT)

Restlessness from the idea of habit, coupled with the ambitious social, economic, and environmental drives to change it.


jai (Undergraduate Student, United States)

Creative people building sustainable ideas


Nilomi (Undergraduate Student, Thailand)

is not thinking outside the box, instead it is changing the shape of the box to make it your own.


Romil (Undergraduate Student, Babson Park, MA)

Entrepreneurship is the process of using creative thinking to create opportunities to make a change for the world


Jai (Undergraduate Student, Wellesley, MA)

A science that connects innovation and people


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