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Venkataramanan (Interested in Babson, Teacher & consultant, San Jose, CA)

Entrepreneur is one who can smell ,where demand & profits are there.


Michael (Babson Alumnus, Financial Analyst, Indonesia)

Entrepreneurship is something impactful that changes the world while making money and enjoying the ride


Rebecca (Graduate Student, Entrepreneur, Sunnyvale, CA)

Entrepreneurship is seeing opportunity in anyone and anything. - Rebecca Wall


Ronald (United States)

someone who manages and leads a team to successfully launch or operate a new venture or business model.


Peter (Babson Alumnus, Brooklyn, NY)

Seeing the ideal of how the world around you could be, and working to make that image a reality.


yassershaaf (Graduate Student, customer service agent, Saudi Arabia)

power , freedom , authority , strength


Ming (Graduate Student, Dad, Serial Entrepreneur, China, Republic of (Taiwan))

Why we are living in the earth? Because we are sent to service people! How to service people better? Create value and deliver value to them! What is the best way to create and deliver value to service people? Grasp an opportunity and make it happen, Entrepreneurship!


Jacob (Undergraduate Student, Student, Ellicott, MD)

The ability to be the change you wish to see.


Marcos (Babson Alumnus, Business Consultatn, Boston Clg, MA)

Create and develop an idea and make other people believe in it as much as yourself


Jagriti (Babson Alumnus, Co-Founder at SkinYoga, United States)

the journey to create the unknown want.


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